Elevated Coffees


Penrose is a specialty coffee roasting company that believes in sourcing, roasting, and drinking coffees that we love. We hold ourselves to high standards, and are diligent in finding coffees that we stand behind. We want to share an experience that does not focus on trends, but an experience that excites and inspires by focusing on exceptional coffees. We love good coffee, it's that simple. 


Drink Well, Do Well 

We also believe in a balanced lifestyle that puts people first. Our goal is to be a positive force in the industry and to our families, which means treating everyone with kindness and respect. Our producers, buyers, and customers make Penrose possible and we have endless gratitude for them all.


Our History

We are a husband and wife owned company that have collectively been in coffee for over 12 years. From humble beginnings in a small town coffee shop, to high volume third wave shops we have seen it all, and what we have learned is that people matter most. Outside of coffee we seek inspiration from good design. To quote our friends at Vitsœ, "We stand for the inordinate power of good design in everything we do: designing thoughtfully, responsibly and intelligently for our company and the many people who share a profound interest in all of our tomorrows".